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Why Boulder Residential Real Estate?

Boulder has been the best housing market for growth and stability for the last 29 years. Besides outperforming all other housing markets, it has produced higher returns than asset classes with similar risk of loss and demonstrated lower risk of loss than asset classes with similar returns.

Consistently High Appreciation

Boulder, Colorado residential real estate has been the top performing residential real estate in the U.S. for growth and stability for the last 25 years. Homes in Boulder, Colorado appreciated more than those in any other city in the U.S. between 1991 and 2017, according to Federal Housing Finance Agency data.

Market-leading Investment Security

In the last 35 years, there has been a 0% chance of a three percent one-year decline in Boulder Home values. Every seven-year period has produced positive value growth, averaging over 5% CAGR and thirty times reaching over 8% CAGR.

Boulder’s Plan: More Of the Same

Near its residential capacity and surrounded by undevelopable open space and national parks, Boulder’s aggressively pro-business growth plan will continue to fuel high-end housing demand while constraining supply for at least 21 more years.(view the plan)


We designed this fund with the goal of being the simplest and most understandable real estate investment fund in existence. With most funds, you need professional help to figure out how the fund works, where your money goes, how much the managers keep, how much you get back, and when. Not with Boulder Prime Properties. We’re super-simple and completely transparent.

Fees and carried interest: none

The Fund’s Managers don’t charge fees and don’t receive any carried interest. 100% of our Investors’ money is used to purchase properties, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of those properties is returned to our investors, including all the appreciation in value.

Fund expenses:


The Fund’s Managers pay all real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance, and operating expenses for all portfolio properties, and the Managers pay all of the Fund’s administrative expenses. If operating income is insufficient to cover expenses, the Managers are responsible for the balance.

Withdrawal: any time, any amount

You can initiate a withdrawal of some or all of your Boulder Prime Properties Fund investment at any time. Depending on the size of the withdrawal, we may not be able to send you your money that day, but we offer multiple redemption options to satisfy a wide range of redemption needs.

Additional contributions: any time, any amount

You can add any amount of additional capital to your Boulder Prime Properties investment at any time, and there’s no cap on your total investment.

Portfolio: 100% Boulder Residential Real Estate

Every cent of the money you entrust with us is invested in residential real estate in the city of Boulder, the nation’s best performing, most stable real estate market over the last 29 years. Besides being a really smart thing to do, it’s also a requirement that’s written into our Operating Agreement.

Depreciation recapture gain tax (huh?): none

It’s a complicated tax thing, so to keep it simple for investors, the Fund’s Managers incur all the depreciation expense and pay 100% of any depreciation recapture gain tax that may be due on the sale of any property in our portfolio. 


We are risk averse, with your money and with ours. We have implemented strategies that we believe maximize the security of your investment while still generating returns equal to or greater than the appreciation rate of Boulder residential real estate.

Diversified portfolio

All within the city limits of Boulder of course! We acquire properties througout Boulder, actively avoiding concentration of investment in any one community or neighborhood. This helps ensure our fund’s growth mirrors that of the broader market in Boulder.

100% Debt-free

All of our properties are purchased entirely with Investor cash and carry no mortgage debt – it’s a requirement written into our Operating Agreement. This eliminates any risk of loan foreclosure. Additionally, we don’t provide seller financing (also in the Operating Agreement), so there’s no sale proceeds collection risk.

Mutual ownership

Unlike many real estate investment opportunities, you own a pro-rata share of every property in our portfolio from the moment you invest until you fully exit the fund. This allows every investor to enjoy the risk-management benefits of mutual ownership and improves liquidity for each investor.


We (the managing partners) are old enough and experienced enough to value patience and quality, and we’re in no hurry to grow this fund. We’re very picky about the properties we buy and about the partners we accept.

Quality properties acquired at below-market prices.

We only acquire move-in-ready or currently occupied residential property. We may do some painting and minor repairs, but we don’t do “fixer-uppers” and we don’t flip properties. All of our properties are inspected, licensed and fully compliant. As all-cash buyers, we are able to negotiate significant purchase-price discounts, close quickly, and avoid the expenses associated with loan origination.

Accredited partners, well-aligned goals.

We’re going to be working hard on your behalf and want you to be elated with our efforts and results, so we’ll take the time up-front to ensure your goals, objectives, and time horizon are aligned with the Fund’s. Our Investors must be financially stable, knowlegable, and experienced, so we only accept accredited investors and we reserve the right to decline any investment at any time and for any reason.


Can I invest in Boulder Prime Properties from my self-directed IRA or 401K account?2020-01-13T08:50:44-07:00

Yes, absolutely! We are registered with CUSIP Global Services and our CUSIP ID number is 10153L107. Like the symbol of a publicly traded security, your plan’s administrator will use the CUSIP ID number to direct the investment to us. If your plan doesn’t allow investments outside of its fund family, contact us and we’ll refer you to several plan administrators who are more flexible.

Are preferred returns available to investors who make large investments?2020-01-03T15:19:10-07:00

Yes, in certain cases. Please contact us for details.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?2020-01-06T06:24:22-07:00

Our minimum initial investment is $50,000. After we receive your initial investment, you can add any amount of additional capital at any time.

How long do I have to wait before I can withdraw some or all of my investment?2020-01-06T06:27:14-07:00

While we encourage investors to avoid withdrawals for at least three to five years, we have no minimum investment duration.

What kind of people invest in Boulder Prime Properties?2020-01-17T12:28:04-07:00

Most of our investors already own a home in Boulder, and for many of them it’s been their best investment. They’d like to own more Boulder real estate but don’t want to be landlords, don’t have the $300,000 down payment necessary to buy a median-priced rental property in Boulder, and want to have access to their money without having to sell their investment property.

Why can’t I just buy my own investment property in Boulder?2020-01-20T18:28:52-07:00

We get this all the time! Short answer: you absolutely can, and maybe you should. Here’s when we think it’s a good idea for you to buy your own investment property in Boulder (all must be true):

  • When you want to be a landlord, deal with tenants, fix toilets, chase down late rent payments, etc. All for little if any positive monthly cash flow.
  • When you have the $500K – $1M in cash necessary to compete with all-cash investors like us to buy properties in this market. If you don’t, you’ll get beat out on the best properties.
  • When you have the experience to know what work will be necessary (and how much it will cost) to satisfy all of Boulder’s regulations, obtain a Rental Permit, and compete for demanding tenants in this market.
  • When you don’t mind having your cash tied up in a property that you’ll have to sell or refinance in order to regain access to that cash.
  • When you know the market well enough to put all your money into one property rather than having it spread around a portfolio of properties distributed across all of Boulder.
  • When you don’t mind the occasional big-ticket expense for your rental property, like a new roof, driveway, or A/C system.

If even one of these things doesn’t sound like fun to you, you should consider investing with Boulder Prime Properties. (’cause these are all fun for us. seriously.)

The Managers pay all the expenses and don’t receive fees or carried interest. How do they make money?


Primarily, we are investors in the fund, so we earn a pro-rata share of the appreciation in our properties just like all of our investors. Also, we try to generate more than enough income from our properties to pay all of the property and fund expenses. If we succeed, we keep the surplus. If not, we cover all the expenses.

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    We only accept investments from accredited investors. This is so important to us that we verify the accreditation status of every investor before admitting them into the fund.

    • You have an individual income of more than $200,000 per year in each of the last two years and expect to maintain the same level of income in the current year.
    • You and your spouse jointly have an income of $300,000 per year in each of the last two years and expect to maintain the same level of income in the current year.
    • You have a net worth exceeding $1M, excluding your primary residence, either individually or jointly with your spouse.
    • You invest on behalf of an entity with at least $5M in assets or a business in which all the equity owners are accredited investors.